Hi there, I'M LADY

My name is Lady Rose and I was born and raised in the Philippines. I have been in United States for 14 years and have learned a lot of new things, especially in photograph. I’m a stay-at-home mom and work full-time in Photography. I am not sure why my dad named me Lady, but I LIKE it! I think it’s a unique and pretty name and it matches my personality.


I am a local photographer serving Orange County and all of Central Florida’s surrounding areas. With a background in graphic design, I believe this inspired me more to pursue the business aspect of photography.


During your session, it can often be nerve racking and sometimes stressful, but the most important thing to remember is to relax and just be yourself. I will take every effort necessary to make sure your session is a memorable event. No need to worry about insecurities or being self-conscience, the camera will love you and I will make sure I get the perfect angle to capture the best features about you.


When you are stressed, the pictures reflect it, so I want all clients to be relaxed and stress free the day of the shoot. I love capturing images during the golden hours, 2 hours before sunset. I tell the clients ahead of time of my shooting preference, allowing them ample time to decide what time frame will work best for them.


I enjoy working with all my clients, language barrier or not, and in the end, we always get the job done and have a good time doing it (even if it means playing a game of charades to get my point across).


I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you and can’t wait to create everlasting memories. Please email me if you have any questions. I always have time to answer them.


Cover photo credit to I. Logan

Portrait credit to M. Hartman

How we are different - WE TRAVEL TO YOU!


With 8 years of experienced, I learned the different tips and tricks in order to make your portrait perfect! I believed that the right preparation before the session is the most important part of your session. I believed with the right experience, creating your masterpiece is worth the investment.

High quality/luxe products

Most of our products are made and printed in Italy and here in US. From WALL ARTS, to small prints and albums, each product is carefully made with the highest quality and care. We also offer our framed PAINTED portraits (our specialty) that you can proudly display in your beautiful home.

great customer service

We strive for the best customer service a portrait artist can deliver. We believed that by solving a problem together, an in person meeting has to be done so everything is clear and no "he said, she said" issues between client and the artist. We tend to bend our policies in order to meet our client's expectation! ;)

A little about me

Favorite hobby

I like to FISH! it's my second favorite besides photography ;) Cooking is also my game. I managed to teach my husband on how to prepare and make filipino cuisine. (wink wink)

Art & coffee

COFFEE is life! I don't know if I can live without it. I always enjoy editing and sipping coffee at the same time. It keeps me awake for sure! ha. :P


When I tried my very best to please a person, but that person is not willing to be pleased. :D