Step by step on how to submit your order


Below are the steps on how to submit your favorites on my website.


  1. Please type your password. Password is the first name of the student. If you cannot get in for some reason, please email me at ladyrosephotography@gmail.com


2. When you’re in the gallery, you will see the thumbnail and you can select which photo you’d like to view. On the screen below, on the upper right side (once you click the image), you’ll see a “star” figure which stands as “favorites”. Please click that one if you want to order that image. It will save it to your “favorites” folder.

In the section section, you will see that message icon. Please indicate in this area on what packages you’d like to invest.

3. Once you click the “favorites” icon, you will see a blue background around it that indicates you already selected that icon.

Also, please “click” save when you’re done so that it will show on my end about what packages you’d prefer to get.



4. After all the steps 1, 2, 3, you can go back to the main area like the one pictured below and submit your favorites whenever you’re ready. Please let me know if you have any questions.  school1